Our costs are kept to a minimum to help our passengers get to their destinations and appointments safety and as affordably as we can. We are a non-profit organization, but we still have costs to cover in order to operate.

We have kept our prices as low as we can, on a cost recovery basis and we charge per person, per one-way ride:

  • 70¢ per kilometer
  • $8.40 per minimum ride
  • $12.50 per hour wait time (charged in 15-minute slots)
  • Parking and bridge tolls will also be charged as necessary

We invoice our passengers at the end of every month and we can invoice passenger’s agents such as Department of Community Services directly, as long as your rides are authorized by your caseworker in advance.

You can also pay via e-transfer online. Please contact us for details.

Cancellation Policy
Service may be cancelled or rescheduled by phone or in person before a driver is dispatched. Late cancellation will result in a cancellation fee determined by EHCR.

To book or cancel your ride call: 902-883-4716

Winter Weather Policy
We will decide based on weather forecasts, travel conditions and the advice of our drivers if and when we should cancel service. Our priority is getting our passengers to their destinations safely.

If the weather is bad or if you are unsure if the service might be cancelled, please call 902-883-4716. If you feel unsafe and choose not to travel, please provide us with as much notice as possible to save the driver from travelling for no reason and incurring a charge.