UPDATE: Our Fare Assistance Program has returned, starting May 1st, 2022. This program is available to low-income individuals and families to help with the cost of transportation. It has been modified from the previous program, which ran out of funds part way through 2021 due to higher than expected usage. Adjustments to the program include:

  • Available once per week (Exception: medical transportation for dialysis or frequent medical appointments, ie. cancer treatments)
  • A monthly maximum of $300 for subsidized transportation
  • Income thresholds have been expanded:
An individual less than $24,000 per year
family of 2 less than $30,877 per year
family of 3 less than $37,816 per year
family of 4 or more less than $43,666 per year
  • Rates have been changed accordingly:
Regions Cost per person
Trips under 12 km $5
Trips between 12 – 25 km $10
Trips over 25 km 50% of regular fare

  To qualify for this program, passengers must fill out an application and submit a signed declaration attesting they meet the individual or family income threshold of eligibility, as per their Notice of Assessment from the 2021 tax year. Declaration of income threshold prior to 2021 will not be accepted. Please submit an application and we will connect with you in the near future. We hope this program will help those struggling with the high costs of living. If you have any questions, please contact Hayley at 902-883-4716 or [email protected]